Convince My Boss

In technology today, there are many ways to learn new tasks. You can get books, attend classes, attend seminars (virtually or in person), or you can scour the Internet looking for all the knowledge you need. All of these things are great tools that can help you move forward in your career. The online resources available today are amazing, and can be useful, especially if your boss or organization does not see the value of conference attendance for the bigger industry events. Let's face it, getting the boss to pay for a trip to Vegas for VMWorld is not always easy.

The Technology Hub Conference is much like a big industry event, and brings all the networking, educational sessions and discussion about hot technology topics right to your neighborhood. And it's a fraction of the cost of VMWorld and other vendor shows at $75. If you need help convincing your boss that this event is a benefit to the company, copy and paste the template below into an email, changing the parts as warranted to make the message your own. We can't bring the Vegas part to you, but we can help you get all the technology you can handle right here in the Fox Valley.

What are you waiting for? Copy the template below.

I would like to attend the Technology Hub Conference, Thursday, September 28th at the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel & Conference Center.

The technology conference theme is Pardon the Disruption, and it is the premier event for technology professionals. This year's agenda focuses on lessening the disruption caused by implementing new technologies in business which is very relevant to my job challenges right now.

The conference features a Security Panel Breakfast session, which features the Keynote Speaker Scott Klososky, a future technologist, and many industry guest speakers that will share a wealth of information that will greatly benefit my work. <Give specific program information and agenda. For example: > The motivational talk, How to communicate with anyone and get better results, will help me reformat my recruitment efforts make it more efficient.

Networking with the conference trade show vendors and the subject matter expert speakers will prove to be invaluable for me. I plan to visit three key vendors at the conference < insert three vendor names > to help assist me with <our current budget restructuring needs (insert your own) >.

Please check out the conference website, I have been following the conference twitter stream @techhubwi, and there is a lot of buzz about this event!

The cost to attend the conference is $75 for general admission and includes breakfast, lunch and access to the entire conference. I also wish to participate in the afternoon social as it will be a great networking opportunity.

I am confident you will see this as a worthwhile investment. It is an opportunity for me to network with industry vendors, meet key subject matter expert speakers, attend valuable educational sessions and gain specific industry knowledge. My attendance at this conference is a wise investment and will pay off for years to come.